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Commercial Snow & Ice Removal Services

Delivering reliable, high-quality snow removal to our clients since 1986. Our self-performing, fully trained, licensed, and insured crews ensure that our clients can continue to operate their business smoothly, maximizing their properties’ safety and accessibility, while minimizing their exposure to risk and potential liability.

WDL Snow Plow Fleet

The Western DuPage Difference

  • Wholly owned fleet of +70 seasonally dedicated snow removal trucks, machines, and equipment
  • Client weather alerting/prediction technology and fleet GPS tracking, to optimize crew performance, client engagement, and service validation
  • Efficient post-event client reporting and invoicing system to ensure performance accountability, billing transparency, and client user accessibility
  • Fully insured, self-performing operators using EPA-compliant heavy equipment
  • 3-Tiered Snow Operations Management Process (Area Managers, Client Reps, and Crew Supervisors) for QA/QC redundancy
  • LEED-compliant equipment and processes with environmentally friendly/green de-icing solution options

The WDL Snow & Ice Management Process

Beyond regular maintenance services, we can assist clients with:

  • On-site client consultation, assessment, and planning
  • Weather forecasting, event alerts, and client communication
  • Event response-performance management
  • Post-event reporting and client invoicing

Strategically Scaled for Consistently Reliable Performance

To Ensure the highest quality service to our customers we only pursue and accept snow removal opportunities that are best aligned to our service area, with property locations best optimized to our pre-planned snow routes. This means that whenever a snow event occurs our crews and snow equipment will always be just a few minutes response-time away from your location.

Creating Outstanding Landscapes Since 1976